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Eternals (2008 Series) #1

June 10, 2008

Quick Rating: Good
Rating: T+

The Eternals continue the search for their missing bretheren.

Writers: Charles & Daniel Knauf
Art: Daniel Acuna
Letters: Todd Klein
Editor: Mark Paniccia
Cover Art: Daniel Acuna
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Charles and Daniel Knauf are kicking off this book they way they need to – they’re taking Neil Gaiman’s miniseries as a starting point, but they aren’t just trying to copy him. There’s a massive threat approaching, and Ikarus and Thena believe only the combined power of all Eternals can stop it – all Eternals, including those who still haven’t regained their memories and the rebellious Druig, who is collecting Lost Eternals on his own. The search brings them to a small Church in Louisiana, and the race begins there.

Makkari has an interesting storyline running here as well, as he has a bizarre interaction with the Dreaming Celestial. Both storylines have definite long-term ramifications here. The story still feels a little loose, like the writers are trying to find their footing, but for a first issue, it isn’t bad.

On to the artwork – I’m not really Daniel Acuna’s biggest fan. I really disliked his recent work on Green Lantern and Flash, but either he’s changed his style or he’s simply a better fit for the Eternals, because here, it’s not bad at all. His character forms are more realistic, and the color work is good. And except for the hint of some hills in the background, he depicts one of the best Louisiana rainstorms I’ve seen in comics. (Not a lot of hills in that part of the state.)

It’s an okay first issue. Folks who enjoyed what Gaiman did will find a familiar starting ground for this new ongoing series.

Rating: 7/10

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