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Avengers Academy #14.1

June 11, 2011

Title: Peer Pressure

Writer: Christos Gage
Sean Chen
Scott Hanna
Jeromy Cox
Joe Caramagna
Billy Tan & Leonardo Olea
Bill Rosemann       
Marvel Comics

The Avengers Academy kids are sent out to take out a b-list villain called Ruby Thursday. When things don’t work out quite as they expected, they decide t check in with some of the students they beat out for their places in the Academy to see how the others transformed by Norman Osborn have made out.

I haven’t read many of Marvel’s “Point One” comics, but this is definitely one that actually seems to follow the plan for the project. This issue introduces us to the characters and the concepts in a way that any reader could understand, but then it goes one step further into dissecting the concept. We see what could have been for the Avengers Academy, and then we go into a really great stand-off. Christos Gage has had this book down to a science from the first issue, and it just gets better. I remember when the book launched, he made a statement that one of these Academy kids would ultimately turn into a villain. The further along we go, the less I’m sure which it could be. Every one of them has the potential, but as we get to know them and like them more and more, I don’t want to see any of them fall.

Sean Chen has been a solid, dependable artist for a very long time. He tells his story well, he gives us dynamic angles and energetic storytelling, and he’s expressive even with a character like Mettle, whose face is essentially a metal skull. It’s incredible, just how much emotion he puts into the eyes, something even the best artists can’t always pull off.

As always, a great issue.

Rating: 9/10

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