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Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #184

October 10, 2004

Quick Rating: Very Good
Title: The Road to Hell (War Games Act III Part 2)

Every mobster in Gotham City is rioting, and Batman’s team may not be enough to hold them back.

Writer: Dylan Horrocks
Pencils: Brad Walker
Inks: Troy Nixey
Colors: Javier Rodriguez
Letters: Pat Brosseau
Editor: Matt Idelson
Cover Art: Brian Haberlin
Publisher: DC Comics

This is yet another wonderful chapter in one of the best Batman storylines in recent memory. The gang war has been funneled into one place where it was supposed to end – but Batman’s inside man has been replaced by an imposter, and he turns the tables on the dark knight.

This issue is almost one big fight scene, but it’s a good one. As Batman’s crew dives into the stadium to try to save him, outside Commissioner Akins has had his fill of costumed vigilantes in this city – he wants Batman’s head just as much as the criminals. The heroes this issue are beaten, battered and worn down nearly to the breaking point, and it’s fantastic.

Brad Walker does a fantastic job on the artwork. The grit, determination and outright anger on Batman’s face for most of this issue is conveyed especially well. It takes talent to draw a good fight scene. It takes even more talent to draw a fight scene in the midst of a crazed mob. The artwork easily picks up the crazy, frantic pace of the story. I’ve also got to give credit to Brian Haberlin for a great cover. He gives us a Batman that looks like he’s just gone through one level of Hell and is staring down the next eight. It’s great.

This has been a great storyline, and as we head into the home stretch, we’re seeing how drastically Gotham City is going to change as a result. This is a crossover that means something. That’s a rare thing, and a welcome one.

Rating: 8/10

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