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Booster Gold (2007 Series) #45

June 18, 2011

Title: Turbulence Part Two (A Flashpoint tie-in)

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Dan Jurgens
Finished Art:
Norm Rapmund
Hi-Fi Designs
Carlos M. Mangual
Dan Jurgens
Rex Ogle                 
DC Comics

Trapped in the world of Flashpoint, Booster Gold has been mistaken for an Atlanean invader. The military sends its greatest weapon out to take him in – the beast called Doomsday, controlled by the mind of General Nathaniel Adam.

Once again, Booster Gold is giving us out best look at the world of Flashpoint outside of the main series itself. Booster being the only person we know of besides Barry who remembers the real Earth, we get a good look at just how things have changed. The Doomsday/Captain Atom mixture is particularly interesting, and particularly harrowing for Booster, who now finds himself fighting his friend in the mind of a creature that nearly killed him once before. Booster also finds an interesting new ally this issue, one with a secret of her own.

Dan Jurgens, as always, owns this character. He writes and draws the most classic, heroic depiction of the character that anybody ever has, and uses his art to really tell the story, not just look pretty. Although I’m sad this title will come to an end during the DC Relaunch, I’m really happy that Jurgens will keep Booster in his stewardship in the new Justice League International title. With any luck, he’ll even be able to pick up some of the threads this title will leave hanging.

Rating: 8/10

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