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Teddy Scares #1

June 1, 2007

Teddy Scares #1 (Ape Entertainment)
By Jim Hankins, Ben Roman, Christine Larsen, Rolando Mallada & Drew Rausch

The creepiest toy line since Madballs graduates into its own comic book series. The Teddy Scares are children’s toys that were lost, abused and abandoned, winding up residing in the same junkyard. The four short stories in this volume manage to give each of the five bears a pretty good spotlight, from the dimwitted cyclopean Abnormal Cyrus to the poet and narrator Edwin. Most of the stories are pretty funny, too — the sort of macabre humor that works so well in books like Haunted Mansion and Wolff and Byrd… but there’s a bit of drama here as well. Redmond Gore’s story is both tragic and chilling, showing this property to have a bit more depth than the premise would indicate. This isn’t a kids’ comic, and it’s not for someone who can’t take a joke about their childhood treasures, but if you like to see wholesome things shown through a rather horiffic prism, this is a book you’ll quite enjoy.

Rating: 4/5

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