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Disney-Pixar/Muppets Presents Cars #1

June 10, 2011

Title: Rally Race

Writers: Alan J. Porter & Mark Cooper
Allen Gladfelter, Magic Eye Studios & Travis Hill
Digikore Studios & Rachelle Rosenberg
Deron Bennett & Troy Peteri
Allen Gladfelter
Marvel Comics/Disney Comics

Okay, to start with, yes. That is the actual name of this magazine, as listed in the indicia. Go figure. Anyway, this magazine-sized comic book reprints the first four issues of the Boom! Studios Cars run, the “Rally Race” storyline. In this tale, an encounter with a young car with a bum wheel gives Lightning McQueen the idea to start up an invitational charity race to benefit young cars in need. Against his better judgment, he winds up inviting his rival, Chick Hicks, to join in the fun, and the race begins.

There’s actually surprisingly little racing in this book, considering the topic. The first issue is the end of the previous circuit and set-up for starting the invitational, chapter two is preparing for the invitational, chapter three is the first leg of the race and chapter four is the final leg. All of these segments are broken through with flashbacks and backstory on some of the different cars, particularly Doc Hudson and Chick himself. It’s the backstory segments that work the best. While the first Cars movie gave us a wealth of information on Lightning, most of the other Cars were still blank slates, except for what we saw on screen. We knew that Doc used to be a racer, but this story fills us in on what his racing days were like and how he ended them. Chick Hicks is kind of a jerk, here we learn what caused that level of jerkitude, and we even find a little redemption for the character in the process. It’s all golden stuff.

Allen Gladfelter, who gave us the cover and two of the four chapters, is the Cars artist. Few others can depict the characters with such emotion and energy, and pull off racing scenes that are just as impressive on the comic book page as they would be in animation. The other two chapters aren’t bad, mind you, not at all, but they aren’t quite up there either.

I enjoyed this story the first time it was presented, and putting it out in this inexpensive magazine prior to the release of the new movie is probably a smart move for Marvel.

Rating: 8/10

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