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Teen Titans Go! #17

March 28, 2005

Quick Rating: Good
Title: Anger Management

The Titans help Hotspot learn to curb his temper.

Writer: J. Torres
Pencils: Mike Norton
Inks: Lary Stucker
Colors: Heroic Age
Letters: Pat Brosseau
Editor: Tom Palmer Jr.
Cover Art: Sean Galloway
Publisher: DC Comics/Johnny DC

We get another pretty solid issue in this title that spins off of the popular Cartoon Network series. The quasi-Titan named Hotspot gets into a little trouble when his uncontrollable temper leads to the villain called Adonis slipping through the team’s fingers. To prevent a reoccurrence of this, each of the members decides to show him how to control his temper – with varying degrees of success.

This is a good issue, a pretty funny one. As you’d expect, the attempts to give Hotspot a cooler head are quite amusing. It’s low on action but high on comedy, which is to be expected. It’s aimed at the younger readers, but not to a degree that the adults who browse through it will be bored. It will work for anyone who’s a genuine fan of the television series.

Speaking of the television series, Mike Norton does a really impressive job with the artwork when it comes to capturing the same art and style you get when you watch the show. The only thing that still doesn’t really work for me are the frequent lapses into overly-cartoony bits for asides or quick jokes. Apparently this is something you see with the more Manga style the title is going for, but it’s not something I really care for.

Overall, it’s a decent book if you like the show.

Rating: 7/10

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