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Science Dog Special #2

June 3, 2011

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Cory Walker
Cory Walker
Dave Stewart & Chris Chuckry
Rus Wooton
Cory Walker
Sina Grace              
Image Comics/Skybound

Science Dog, Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker’s labor of love, returns in a second special that wraps up his first adventure. In the midst of a plot by his arch-enemy, Science Dog is abducted by a group of aliens who need his help to solve a fuel crisis. It takes SD longer to solve the problem than expected, though, and when he returns to Earth, he finds a war-torn wasteland. This is the sort of story we see a lot in comic books and science fiction. Something goes terribly wrong, so the hero decides to travel back in time to fix it. As he often does, though, Robert Kirkman has found a surprising twist to put on the story. Things aren’t as easy to fix as they usually are in stories of this nature, and we see Science Dog get trapped in a particularly heartbreaking loop. I won’t lie – for such fun and (essentially) goofy concept, Kirkman goes to some dark places here, and we get an ending that’s bittersweet at best. And damned if it doesn’t work. Cory Walker does his thing nicely – with the time-travelling Science Dog he finds some nice, subtle ways to differentiate between one and the other, not just in the length of his chin-fur, but in the way the character carries himself and the expressions on his face. It’s more subtle and, certainly, far more effective. Wonderful book, and I hope this isn’t the last we see of Science Dog.

Rating: 8/10

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