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Fantastic Four #553

January 29, 2008

Quick Rating: Excellent
Title: Epilogue Part Three: The End
Rating: A

Dr. Doom pits the Fantastic Four against… the Fantastic Four!

Writer: Dwayne McDuffie
Pencils: Paul Pelletier
Inks: Rick Magyar
Colors: Wil Quintana
Letters: Rus Wooton
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Cover Art: Michael Turner
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dr. Doom has come back in time to prevent Reed Richards from destroying the world… a claim that the Fantastic Four isn’t too keen to hear. Then, a different FF from the future appears, there to take back Doom – until the Reed of the present decides maybe he should hear his arch-foe’s warning.

I could absolutely weep that this is McDuffie’s last issue, because although the “New” Fantastic Four arc fluttered at the end (a fluttering I’m fairly certain was caused by editorial interference), with this arc he has absolutely, 100 percent, without a doubt proven that he gets it. He gets the Fantastic Four. He knows these characters, he understands who they are and what makes them unique and what makes them one of the greatest creations in comic book history. The ending of this issue caused a swelling in my chest that I haven’t felt since the Mark Waid issue when they brought Ben back from the dead.

Seriously. Liked it that much.

Y’know what else is good? Paul Pelletier? I feel like I’m cheating him by using the same phrase to describe him every time I review one of his books, but I don’t know how else to say it. He does some of the best science fiction-based superheroes in comics. Lots of action, lots of energy, lots of cool tech and not four, but eight great-lookin’ heroes.

Loved this issue. LOVED it.

Too bad it’s over.

Rating: 10

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