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The Tick: New Series #2

February 20, 2010

The Tick New Series #2 (New England Comics)
By Benito Cereno & Les McClaine

Desperadoe steals a mystic jewel that supposedly has the power to make someone fall in love. As the Tick and Arthur chase her in a mad race across the city, Chairface is making plans to spring himself from prison. Although the two storylines in this issue are relatively simple and self-contained, the laughs are huge. Cereno does a bang-up job of spoofing the conventions of the superhero genre, as the Tick’s comics have always done, but he takes it a step further. The Chairface scenes are a great spoof of prison break stories, specifically those that are kind of dependent on guards who lack common sense. We get a series of really strong gags that lead up to a goofy-yet-ominous last page. McClaine carries his part of the comic too, with plenty of great sight gags and highly expressive faces — especially on Arthur. This team is really proving itself worthy of taking over the reigns of one of the funniest superhero universes out there.
Rating: 9/10

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