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The Muppet Show (2009 Miniseries) #3

June 6, 2009

Quick Rating: Very Good
Title: Gonzo’s Story

Scooter’s newest quest: find out what the heck Gonzo really is!

Writer: Roger Langridge
Art: Roger Langridge
Colors: Digikore Studios
Letters: Deron Bennett
Editor: Paul Morrissey
Cover Art: Roger Langridge
Publisher: Boom! Kids

Although the first two issues of The Muppet Show were a little too similar, this issue takes a nicely different direction and is all the better for it. In “Gonzo’s Story,” the Muppets’ insurance company sends someone over to conduct risk assessment, and part of his job is cataloguing the species of each member of the cast. This leaves Scooter with a problem, though… just what is Gonzo, anyway?

Although this is, technically, the “Gonzo spotlight” issue of this miniseries, Scooter is really the protagonist. The book is mostly about his efforts to determine Gonzo’s heritage, from his interviews with the Great one himself, to the interpretations of the rest of the Muppets in the cast… none of which is particularly helpful to Scooter. It is, fortunately, very funny.

And again, Langridge weaves in the Muppet Show performances in-betwee pages of his plot, converging at the end. The only spots where Gonzo really gets the spotlight are in the fantastic “Gumshoe McGurk, Private Eye” sketch and the final stunt sequence that wraps things together. Rizzo has some excellent moments in here as well, helping Scooter put everything into perspective.

Langridge’s art is wonderful here. It may not be perfectly on-model with the television show, but it has a life and a fluidity that feels incredibly true to the series. He also adjusts his art when necessary – an Alice in Wonderland parody blends his own style with linework that reminds me of the novels and fits very well.

Three issues down, and this miniseries hasn’t disappointed in the slightest. I’m really happy to hear Langridge is already working on his second series of The Muppet Show.

Rating: 8/10

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