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DC Comics Presents: Son of Superman #1

June 3, 2011

Title: Son of Superman

Writers: Howard Chaykin & David Tischman
J.H. Williams III
Mick Gray
Lee Loughridge
Kurt Hathaway
J.H. Williams III & Mick Gray
Andrew Helfer     
DC Comics

Another original graphic novel (this one from the Elseworlds imprint) is brought back in the nifty DC Comics Presents format. This 1999 volume by Howard Chaykin and David Tischman projects a future where Superman has long since vanished and the Justice League has become a government arm, locked in a perpetual battle against a terrorist group, the “Supermen of America,” led by Pete Ross and Lana Lang. Jon Kent, the son of Lois Lane, is shocked when he suddenly develops incredible power and learns the truth about himself – he is the son of the missing Superman. The question now is, will he side with the League, with the Supermen, or will he find his lost father and forge his own legend?

The story’s pretty good, if not spectacular. There have been hypothetical stories about Clark Kent’s son for decades, after all, and putting him in a sort of dystopian future isn’t that big a stretch. While this is, of course, an Elseworlds, I wasn’t really happy with the characterization of some of the Justice League (Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter in particular). If the idea was to present this as a “potential future,” I can’t imagine either of those heroes ever reaching the state they were in throughout this book. Jon isn’t really a likable character either, although that’s more forgivable, as part of the story is watching his growing and maturation into a hero worthy of calling himself Superman’s son.

J.H. Williams and Mick Gray are really the stars of the book. Their artwork was fabulous then and hasn’t lost a step in the years since. If you’re in comics more for the artwork and you’re a fan of these guys, the book is well worth picking up. If you like alternate versions of Superman, you could do worse than getting this story. But ultimately, it’s not really anything memorable.

Rating: 7/10

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