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Somebody’s First Comic Book: The Wanderers #2

Wondering what Somebody’s First Comic Book is all about? The explanation is on this page!

TITLE: …To Heavens of Everything

Writer: Doug Moench
Dave Hoover & Robert Campanella
Todd Klein
Helen Vesik
Karen Berger
Cover Artist:
Ken Steacy
DC Comics

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: Never heard of them. The top of the cover says “the 30th Century’s Newest Super-Team,” so I guess this is set in the future?

IMPRESSIONS: This issue kicks off with a purple-skinned guy, “Clonus,” apparently dying after finding a much older version of himself. He’s in a spaceship with a bunch of superheroes with goofy names (Re-Animage, Psyche, Quantum Queen, Dartalon, Aviax and Elvar) being pursued by a “hunter” of some sort, and… dies. And wakes up inside the computer.

The first few pages are terribly confusing, but the book admittedly gets clearer as we go along. The characters begin talking about their “primes,” and eventually it becomes clear that they’re actually all clones, and the “primes” are the people they were cloned from. Eventually, they hope to re-clone their computerized buddy, but for now, they seem to be backtracking along his previous route… which winds up with them going to war with a planet of lizard-men. And not awesome lizard-men, like the Gorn from Star Trek. This actually looks more like people stole the Gorn’s costumes and gave them to Rango.

It’s… all right. But by the end of the book there’s still no real feel for who these characters are or how they got into this predicament. Not sure I’d be interested in reading any further.


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