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Matador #1

May 4, 2005

Quick Rating: Interesting
Title: Symmetry Part One

A bizarre hired gun walks the streets of Miami.

Story: Devin Grayson & Brian Stelfreeze
Script: Devin Grayson
Art: Brian Stelfreeze
Colors: Brian Stelfreeze
Letters: Pat Brosseau
Editor: Alex Sinclair
Cover Art: Brian Stelfreeze
Publisher: DC Comics/Wildstorm Signature Series

A mysterious hired killer is walking the streets of Miami, a man with abilities beyond comprehension and good looks to match. Detective Isabel Cardona believes it may just be a man known as the Matador.

Grayson and Stelfreeze have crafted a rather interesting crime/supervillain tale here. They approach the book from an interesting angle, of a cop with her own problems and issues, even with bad romantic decisions, but ones that don’t directly involve our title character. In the first issue, at least, this is that sort of story where the title character isn’t the star, but rather the impetus for the events that occur.

Cardona is an interesting protagonist, a different kind of character, as she struggles with her family, her co-workers and her unhealthy attraction to the (married) District Attorney. In short, she’s flawed, human, and normal, and bringing her face-to-face with an unearthly creature like the one who danced through a swanky hotel, humming and brutally murdering his targets, makes for a great juxtaposition.

Mundane things add to the title as well – a confrontation with her family, her mother urging her to settle down and get married. It’s something of a cliché, to be sure, but it’s also a good device to establish who this woman is and what her life is like.

Stelfreeze does a fantastic job, handling all of the artistic chores himself. He’s crafted a good look for this book, giving it a good atmosphere and strong identity. Most of the book is done in cool blue and green tones, with the occasional spikes of red or orange. He also does a very impressive job on the facial features of the characters. One panel of Cardona sticking her tongue out at her infuriating partner gets across more characterization than some writers can handle in an entire issue.

I’m not sure what classifies this as a Wildstorm book as opposed to a Vertigo title – why it would be brought to one imprint over the other. That’s probably because, as an imprint, the Wildstorm Signature Series doesn’t have much of an identity. But that doesn’t mean it can’t turn out quality work,, and this is another solid example of that..

Rating: 8/10

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