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Xombi (2011 Series) #3

June 1, 2011

Title: Exit Strategies (The Ninth Stronghold Part Three)

Writer: John Rozum
Frazer Irving
Dave Sharpe
Frazer Irving
Rachel Gluckstern
DC Comics

David Kim, aka Xombi, has run into a bit of a problem. Marantha, a particularly nasty entity, has been cut loose, and David is cut off from his more effective allies in the heat of battle. When Marantha pulls off a strike that would be fatal to anybody else, the question rises – can even David’s nanites pull him back together? It seems likely that this book is on its way out, with the massive restructuring of the DC Universe announced on May 31, but it’ll be a real shame if there’s no home for David Kim at all. He’s an intriguing character in his own right, and in three issues this has easily turned into one of the most innovative, bizarre titles in the DC Universe. Although Xombi himself is a sci-fi based character, the story and world he inhabits falls more in the realm of the supernatural, even horror. John Rozum easily melds the elements together, making for an engaging story and characters that are just plain fun to read about. Frazer Irving brings his decidedly bizarre style to the character and his world, and even manages to make characters like Nun the Less and Nun of the Above – very similar visually –distinct. And tough broads at that. Although the cancellation of this book has not been announced, it’s hard not to see writing on the wall. After just three issues, I’ll miss it. It fills a very distinct, unusual place in the DC Universe that nobody else is touching on these days.

[Update: Since this review was written, the full 52-title DCU roster was announced and, sadly, Xombi isn’t part of it. Writer John Rozum will stick with the Milestone heroes, though, taking over a new Static Shock series.]

Rating: 8/10

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