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Hack/Slash/Eva: Monster’s Ball #1

June 1, 2011

Title: Monster’s Ball Part One             

Writer: Brandon Jerwa
Cezar Razek
Salvatore Aiala
Marshall Dillon
Tim Seeley
Dynamite Entertainment/Image Comics

Eva (sometimes called the Daughter of Dracula) and her pal Michael (also known as the Frankenstein Monster) believe themselves to be on a mission from God to destroy the monsters that plague the world. Cassie Hack and her partner Vlad have a similar mission: the elimination of the “slashers” that rise from the grave to kill and kill again. Inevitably, they would come together for a common mission. A trap set by Eva’s old foe Praetorious draws in Cassie and Vlad, and the two groups find themselves fighting a new breed of monster.

I am, as you may know, a big fan of Tim Seeley’s Hack/Slash, but this is my first encounter with Eva. The thing that strikes me immediately, I must admit, is just how similar the characters are. Young women, driven to slay monsters, accompanied by a gentle giant that can be viewed by some as a monster in his own right… honestly, it’s almost too close for comfort. But I applaud the creators for finding a way to make those similarities work together rather than cry Copyright Infringement. The characters don’t actually come together until the last few pages of this first issue, but that’s okay. It’s four issues long, and we expected some set-up. Brandon Jerwa nicely combines their respective worlds into one that easily works as a home for both groups, and we can see quite simply how the heroines can complement each other.

I don’t know if this is enough to make me run out and buy an Eva comic, but I’m more than satisfied with this first issue of the crossover. It gives me just what you want in a book of this sort.

Rating: 7/10

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