Tron #2

December 9, 2006

Quick Rating: Very Good

Back in the computer world, Jet finds himself in the heat of battle!

Writers: Landry Walker & Eric Jones
Art: Louie DeMartinis
Letters: Eleanor Lawson
Editor: Dan Vado
Cover Art: Louie DeMartinis
Publisher: Slave Labor Graphics

Framed for the murder of his father, Jet Bradley dives back into the digital world to escape the police. When he gets there, though, his memories are scrambled, and he finds himself again part of the war between the increasingly-insidious Master Control Program and the free programs of cyberspace.

The gap between issues of this title has really been damaging to it, but I do recall enough of issue one to know that I liked issue two better. Part of that is the art style. I think Louie DeMartinis has managed to refine his product since issue one, making it a bit cleaner and better. It also doesn’t hurt that very, very little of this issue takes place in the “real” world (one of the big problems with issue one was that there wasn’t enough of a distinction between the real world and the digital world), and DeMartinis’ style is far better suited for the digital realm.

The story is progressing nicely as well. It’s been over 20 years since the events of the original Tron movie, and the computer landscape has transformed dramatically. Walker and Jones have done a great job of addressing those changes while still keeping the flavor and excitement of the original movie. The end of this issue throws us a great curveball – I’m really not sure where its going, but I’m excited to find out.

This title has improved quite a bit from issue one. If it keeps going in this direction, it should be a solid title and another check mark in the “win” column for the Slave Labor/Disney collaboration. The only real question is how long we’ll have to wait for issue three.

Rating: 8/10

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