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Booster Gold (2007 Series) #44

May 31, 2011

Title: Turbulence Part One (A Flashpoint crossover) 

Art: Dan Jurgens
Norm Rapmund
Hi-Fi Designs
Carlos M. Mangual
Dan Jurgens
Rex Ogle                 
DC Comics

We all know that in September, the entire DC Universe is going to be effected by the events of Flashpoint, but for right now the only ongoing series that’s being touched by the event is Booster Gold. Booster’s creator, Dan Jurgens, is back just in time to see Booster get shunted into the altered timeline created by Professor Zoom. Aware that the universe has changed around them, Booster and Skeets set out to try to restore the timeline, only to run across the nastiest enforcer in any time. It’s always a treat to have Jurgens working with Booster again. With all due respect to the other creators who have worked on this title, nobody has ever drawn the character as well, and few writers have understood him the way Jurgens does. This issue doesn’t really shed much light on what’s going on in the crossover – we’re still not sure just what’s going on in this altered world or how it got that way, but that fits right in with what’s happening to Booster himself. I don’t get the impression that this storyline is going to mean much to the crossover itself, but it does make for an engaging story and a good look at the world through the eyes of an outsider, like ourselves. From that perspective, if nothing else, it works very well.

Rating: 8/10

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