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Captain America (2005 Series) #26

May 22, 2007

Quick Rating: Good
Title: The Death of the Dream Part Two (an Initiative tie-in)
Rating: T+

With Cap dead, how will his friends carry on?

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Pencils: Steve Epting
Inks: Michael Perkins
Colors: Frank D’armata
Cover Art: Steve Epting
Publisher: Marvel Comics

As skeptical as I remain about the whole “Death of Captain America” storyline, the immediate aftermath (immediate? Geez, it feels like years…) of the death is handled pretty well. Just days after Steve Rogers is gunned down, we see how the Marvel Universe is reacting to his death through the eyes of four of his major supporting players – Sharon Carter, Falcon, Bucky and the Red Skull. Each of them, of course, has a unique relationship with Steve, and each of them allows us to peer into different parts of the Marvel Universe to see just how the world is reacting to the horrific events.

All four of the stories have their strong points, with Falcon being the most interesting to me. I’m trying hard not to draw parallels to the Death of Superman lo those many years ago, but it’s not easy to avoid them, especially when you have Sam Wilson pulling his best John Henry Irons impression (in that he’s the only character who really seems, spiritually, to be establishing himself as a true successor to the fallen hero).

Bucky’s story is pretty good as well, but the last page of this issue – which no doubt will have many fans reaching for the champagne – left me really cold. Without getting into spoiler territory, there are two major problems with it. First of all, it feels very similar to another post-Civil War storyline that’s going on at the moment, although at least in this case it feels about a trillion times more in-character than in the other. Second, I simply can’t imagine that anyone believes it will actually happen.

Steve Epting’s art (joined, I assume, by Mike Perkins and Frank D’armata, although I can’t be sure because for some reason the full credits appear to be missing from this issue) is as great as ever. I’m quite impressed at how this art team has crafted a style that melds superhero imagery with a more realistic visual sense.

A good issue, to be certain, that will probably be of more interest if you’re into the other stories currently fitting into this particular mosaic.

Rating: 7/10

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