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Batman, Incorporated #6

May 31, 2011

Title: Nyktomorph                                                                                            

Writer: Grant Morrison
Chris Burnham
Nathan Fairbairn
Pat Brosseau
Chris Burnham
Mike Marts                           
DC Comics

Ever since his return from the “dead,” Bruce Wayne has had a new mission: recruiting operatives from all over the world to be part of his new Batman, Inc. In this issue, as the search continues, Bruce assembles his most trusted operatives to tell the truth about his new mission. Batman Incorporated isn’t just a peacekeeping force – it’s an army, and he’s preparing them to fight a very specific threat. This issue is a lot of fun. It brings together the entire extended Batman family, it introduces still more of these new international Batmen, and fans of the Cassandra Cain Batgirl have cause to rejoice – she’s back, she’s part of the team again, and she’s got a brand-new name (since Stephanie Brown is using “Batgirl” these days). There’s a ton of stuff to like here. The inclusion of unlikely (but highly deserving) operatives like Catwoman and Commissioner Gordon  as legitimate members of Batman, Inc. is surprising, and makes for a nice nod to the importance of these characters to Bruce. There’s a really nice bit with Bruce throwing the conspiracy theorists off his trail (a gentle poke at the internet, I suppose) and it’s always fun to see Bruce with his sons again. Chris Burnham is a very good choice to take over the art chores for this arc. His style is similar enough to Frank Quitely’s to feel appropriate but has a different sort of energy to it. He mimics the form, but the feel is more classic, and that’s really cool. This issue was one of the most entertaining Batman books I’ve read in quite a while.

Rating: 8/10

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