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Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. #22

September 24, 2007

Quick Rating: Fair
Title: Haunted Part Two
Rating: A

Did Graviton really kill the girl called Gadget?

Writers: Daniel & Charles Knauf
Art: Roberto De La Torre
Colors: Dean White
Letters: Joe Caramagna
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Cover Art: Gerald Parel
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Last issue, the girl named Gadget was murdered, seemingly by the Avengers’ old enemy Graviton. Now, Tony Stark has reason to believe Graviton wasn’t really the culprit after all, and something nastier may be going in on Nebraska’s chapter of The Initiative.

This issue is quite a mixed bag. I’m not wild about seeing yet another of Marvel’s few purely fun characters (in this case, Captain Ultra) turning into a dark, brooding sort. There aren’t many fun characters left in this universe, and they seem to be getting targeted at an alarming rate. The murder mystery isn’t bad, though, and one of my concerns about this arc last issue – namely, why is the head of SHIELD himself dealing with this sort of investigation – is briefly addressed in a way that makes me think it’s intentionally unusual, which gives me a little more patience.

De La Torre’s artwork, as usual, isn’t bad. I’d like to see him do more with the likes of Daredevil or Iron Fist – the “grittier” characters in Marvel’s stable. I get a feeling his style would work better there than on the polished, glittering Iron Man.

Okay issue. At least there’s one book out there where Tony isn’t the villain.

Rating: 6/10

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