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Moon Knight (2006) #10

May 15, 2007

Quick Rating: Meh
Title: Midnight Sun Chapter Four: His Lord’s Banner
Rating: Parental Advisory

After the same prey, the Punisher faces Moon Knight.

Writer: Charlie Huston
Art: Mico Suayan
Colors: Frank D’Armata
Letters: Rus Wooton
Editor: Axel Alonso
Cover Art: David Finch
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Although last issue’s cover really should have been on this issue (and vice versa), make no mistake, this month Moon Knight faces down the Punisher. While Frank stands there and shoots and people, Moon Knight stands there and ponders the ways in which he is different from the Punisher. No, seriously.

After a fairly superfluous guest appearance, including some dialogue that makes it clear this story is still a Civil War-period tale, Moon Knight takes off to hunt down a man whose unique ability will come in handy. This character (hard to call him a “villain”, but I’m not sure what else) is easily the most interesting part of the issue. It’s not an unheard of technique – in fact, there’s a fairly similar character over in Fables right now – but it’s an intriguing one that can work really well in this sort of hardcore superhero story .

Mico Suayan takes over for David Finch on the art, and his style is pretty good. It’s a little less polished than Finch, but otherwise quite similar.

A big theme of this book is the fact that the title character doesn’t really have much of an identity. He’s several personalities vying for dominance in one body. While that can – and has – been used to great effect, here it just creates a distance from the main character that makes the book feel less than relevant.

Rating: 4/10

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