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Atomic Robo and the Dogs of War #4

November 22, 2008

Atomic Robo and the Dogs of War #4 (Red 5 Comics)
By Brian Clevinger, Scott Wegener, Joshua Ross & Jonathan Ross

The Allies have won the battle in Sicily, but Atomic Robo’s mission hasn’t ended. Otto Skorzeny and the Laufpanzer “walking tanks” are on the run, and he needs to find them and stop them on a moving train… and as if that wasn’t enough, the British spy called the Sparrow keeps getting under his feet. So the first three issues of this series have included an atomic-powered super-robot fighting Nazis, Frankenstein monster types, walking tanks, and (in the back-ups) giant Godzilla pastiches. If you were to ask me how this comic could possibly get any cooler, the only response I could have given you was “have them fight it out on a moving train.” This book has me jazzed up and excited with every issue. There’s more pure fun and energy on a single page of Atomic Robo than in whole issues of some stodgy mainstream books that are way past their prime. The artwork is also magnificent, and the way the back-ups plant Robo in different time periods is a wonderful way to expand the scope of this universe. I’ve become as big a fan of this book as you could ask for.
Rating: 8/10

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