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Darkwing Duck (2010 Series) #12

May 31, 2011

Title: FOWL Disposition Part Four

Writer: Ian Brill
James Silvani
Lisa Moore
Deron Bennett
James Silvani & Amy Mebberson
Christopher Burns           
Boom! Studios/Kaboom!

With Duckthulhu rising, Darkwing Duck and his family must join forces with a mysterious double agent to save the world from F.O.W.L.’s most dastardly scheme of all time. This issue really delivers – lots of action and gags, yes, but some serious depth here as well. The scenes where DW sees a different world, a different possible world for himself and his family picks into the psyche of the characters in a way that lesser writers never attempt. What’s more, this issue brings us the fulfillment of a bit of dark foreshadowing from the last story arc, when it was hinted that Darkwing was going to lose somebody close to him. The way it happens, there were really only two candidates all along, and throughout the issue we feel like one or the other could fall at any time. Of course, this is still a Disney book – there’s a very good chance that the character in question will eventually return. That doesn’t diminish the real hopelessness and agony we see in Darkwing as he realizes just what his insistence on going it alone this time has cost him. He’s made a terrible mistake and it’s cost him dearly, and that’s way more than we expect from a book of this nature. And that, friends, is all to the good. Darkwing Duck is smart, funny, and action-packed. It’s the best book being published for young readers right now, and it’s one of the best superhero comics period.

Rating: 8/10

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