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The Lone Ranger and Zorro: The Death of Zorro #3

June 3, 2011

Writer: Ande Parks
Esteve Polls
Oscar Manuel Martin
Simon Bowland
Francesco Francavilla
Joseph Rybandt   
Dynamite Entertainment

Don Diego, the man called Zorro, is dead. Last issue John Ried, the Lone Ranger, returned his body to his widow with a promise to avenge his death. But Zorro wasn’t killed by a lone bandit – a veritable army of rogue former Confederates has taken over the Chumash mission that Zorro protected. In this issue, the Lone Ranger and Tonto seek allies to help them in their plan of attack against Zorro’s killers. This miniseries is teetering on the edge for me. None of the stuff we’ve gotten so far is bad. In fact, last issue’s demonstration of how Zorro indirectly inspired the Lone Ranger was absolutely spot-on. But here we are in the third issue, and there’s still been very little action to speak of. Lots of planning, yes, lots of talking, and this issue delves into the history of the Chumash tribe that the Ranger is trying to ally himself with, but we’ve had very little avengin’ going on. While the writing is good, the artwork is good, and the covers are beautiful, this is a miniseries about the two greatest heroes of the old west. It feels like we’re just not getting our money’s worth in terms of the actual sword-slinging, whip-cracking, gun-slinging action attached to these two names. With two issues left, there’s still time to bring it in, but I really hope that Ande Parks isn’t saving up all of the action for the final issue. That’s too long a road to take to get to what we all came for.

Rating: 7/10

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