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Doom Patrol (2004 Series) #18

November 29, 2005

Quick Rating: Fair
Title: Convergence Conclusion

Is this the end of the Doom Patrol?

Writer: John Byrne
Pencils: John Byrne
Inks: Doug Hazlewood
Colors: Alex Bleyaert
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher
Editor: Mike Carlin
Cover Art: John Byrne
Publisher: DC Comics

The newest incarnation of the Doom Patrol comes to a fairly anticlimactic end. Frankly, I’ve felt the whole experiment was doomed from the start – not because John Byrne doesn’t still have talent given the right project, but because he alienated virtually every Doom Patrol fan on the planet by ignoring every previous incarnation and starting over from the ground-up. In this issue, as Elasti-Girl’s power leaves her close to death and the bizarre mingling of Negative Man and Vortex wreaks havoc, special guest star Metamorpho faces off against an intruder in Doom Patrol headquarters.

In and of itself, there’s really nothing wrong with this issue (except for DC’s continued lack of a “Previously” page to clue in new readers – but then, final issues don’t get a lot of those, do they?). It’s a perfectly adequate superhero story, and Byrne is still one of the best pure superhero artists in the business. It just suffered from the same problems this title has had since day one – the longtime fans feel snubbed and the characters aren’t unique or interesting enough to garner a lot of new readers.

Byrne’s skills absolutely still have a place in comics – his Blood of the Demon is quite good – but this book isn’t a fit. Chances are it will be forgotten as a part of DC continuity as completely as Byrne himself forgot the Doom Patrol incarnations of the past.

Rating: 6/10

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