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DuckTales (2011 Series) #1

May 31, 2011

Title: Rightful Owners Part 1: Many Happy Returns

Writer: Warren Spector
Leonel Castellani, Jose Massaroli & Magic Eye Studios
Deron Bennett
Leonel Castellani (Cover A); Jonathan Gray & Lisa Moore (Cover B)
Christopher Burns                           
Boom! Studios/Kaboom!

With the Disney Afternoon experiencing a Renaissance at Kaboom!, the next logical property to give a book to is DuckTales, the one that kicked off the whole phenomenon in the 80s. In this first issue, writer Warren Spector brings back the characters with a sort of absurd new mission. Scrooge gives a tour of some of his prize trophies to the kids, prompting Webby to ask the question of why Scrooge has taken so many artifacts from people… and shouldn’t he give them back?

Aaaaaand, that’s where you’ve lost me.

Spector has the voices of the characters down, and the art team here is top notch. The book looks fantastic and the characters are as sharp as ever. But the basic premise here is irretrievably flawed. Webby’ s assertion that Scrooge has taken all of these artifacts like a common thief doesn’t hold up to the slightest scrutiny, which makes it even more ridiculous when he gets into a competition with John Rockerduck to give them back. For example, she brings up the matter of a peppermint-striped gem he got in a trade for actual candy with the chief of an old tribe. Webby says that he didn’t offer a fair deal, but that’s simply not true. If you look back at the episode of the cartoon this is based on, Scrooge does try to offer valuables for the gem, but the Chief isn’t interested. He wants the ultimate status symbol of his people, a big belly, and that’s where the candy trade comes in. Then there’s the case of the Eskimo family that allegedly struggled to make it through the winter when Scrooge dug up the famous Goose Egg Gold Nugget in the Klondike. This is a story that’s been told and re-told over and over again – it’s the Disney equivalent of the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents – and not once have I ever seen a version of this story that featured a struggling Eskimo family that Scrooge beat to the punch. This is something Spector conjured up out of whole cloth that makes Scrooge seem like some sort of robber baron (which in itself doesn’t even work, since at the time he found the nugget Scrooge was dirt-poor). The only thing that Webby has even a small point about is the dinosaur egg that Scrooge took from its mother, although one could easily make the argument that, in the name of science, he should have taken both mother and egg rather than just the egg.

I love these characters and I love the art. I really want to love this comic book. But the very premise of the opening story arc is so fundamentally flawed that I find it impossible to recommend.

Rating: 5/10

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