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Annihilation Saga #1

May 6, 2007

Quick Rating: Fair
Rating: A

Catch up on the Annihilation story before the Conquest begins!

Writer: Michael Hoskin
Based on stories by: Keith Giffen, Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Simon Furman, Christos N. Gage & Stuart Moore
Art: Mitch Breitweiser, Scott Kolins, Ariel Olivetti, Kev Walker, Rick Magyar, Renato Arlem, Gregory Titus, Jorge Lucas, Andrea DiVito, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Mike McKone & Sean Chen
Book Desinger: Patrick McGrath
Editor: Jeff Youngquist
Cover Art: Andrea DiVito & Laura Villari
Publisher: Marvel Comics

In general, I think Marvel’s Saga specials are a really good idea – a quick primer on a series that’s about to relaunch or enter a new stage, providing new readers a chance to get up-to-speed before the new jumping-on point. In practice, this is rather weaker than most of the Saga titles.

Usually, these books contain some sort of framing sequence – Runaways was disguised as Molly’s diary, Spider-Girl as Mayday’s scrapbook and so on. The lack of a sequence actually makes the book a bit less readable, less conversational. This is a strict, by-the-numbers account of the various Annihilation-related series, beginning with the Drax miniseries that retroactively became something of a prologue, right up through the first issue of the new Nova ongoing. All the information is there, all of the story is available, it’s just not quite as much fun to read in this form as it could have been.

The artwork is all plucked from the related titles, and as such, it varies wildly. Some of it is fantastic, some of it is just so-so. The same pretty much goes for the text. If you want to read Annihilation: Conquest and haven’t read the preceding comics, this book will get you up to speed. It just won’t be quite as much fun as it could have been.

Rating: 6/10

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