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Fantastic Four (1961 Series) #552

December 11, 2007

Quick Rating: Great
Title: The Middle of the End (Epilogue Chapter Two)
Rating: A

Can Dr. Doom save the world by destroying Reed Richards?

Writer: Dwayne McDuffie
Pencils: Paul Pelletier
Inks: Rick Magyar
Colors: Wil Quintana
Letters: Rus Wooton
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Cover Art: Michael Turner
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Last issue, a Dr. Doom arrived from the future, Namor and the Black Panther in tow, to try to save the world from the mad genius of Dr. Reed Richards and his mysterious “idea #101” to save the world. Thus, to prove he’s really not that bad a guy… Reed blows Namor’s head off.

Well naturally, he’s got a good reason to do this, and it becomes evident pretty early in this book, paving the way for the good Doctor to try to push the Fantastic Four’s buttons, trying to turn them against Reed by reminding them of the secrets he kept during the Civil War. When he pushes one button too many, though… well, let’s just say that in addition to drawing a great Ben Grimm, Paul Pelletier is now responsible for the art on one of the best Ben/Doom slugfests I’ve ever seen.

Although the “New Fantastic Four” storyline fizzled a little at the end, “Epilogue” is more than making up for it. McDuffie has gotten to the root of these characters, but in a way that touches on their insecurities and their flaws, and he’s using those flaws to spin a really solid, short finale to his arc. Pelletier is also perfectly matched. He’s always done his best work on superheroes with a sci-fi bent (Flash, Green Lantern and Exiles all come to mind), and this is no exception.

I may be in the minority, but with only one issue left, I miss this great creative team already.

Rating: 9/10

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