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Mickey Mouse and Friends #297

November 21, 2009

Mickey Mouse and Friends #297 (Boom! Kids)
By Stefano Ambrosio, Marco Gervasio, Saida Temofonte & Marco Mazzarello

Mickey and his friends enter the Great Sorcery Tournament, hoping to win back the lost Diamagic from Pete and his Beagle pals. While the early rounds are tough enough on their own, the boys find that not having a Diamagic of their own may present an inescapable obstacle. To be honest, Mickey Mouse has always been my least favorite of the classic Disney comics. Mickey isn’t that funny a character by himself, so he only works when paired off with funnier characters or placed in an adventure story. This is a noble effort at both, but it isn’t engaging me as much as the other three books. Once the magic story spins off into its own series in a few months, I may like the book more, but that really depends on what replaces this story. As it is, it’s okay, but just okay.
Rating: 7/10

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