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Green Lantern (1990) #179

July 25, 2004

Quick Rating: Good
Title: Homecoming? Part Four

It’s Green Lantern versus Green Lantern!

Writer: Ron Marz
Pencils: Luke Ross
Inks: Rodney Ramos
Colors: Moose Baumann
Letters: Jared Fletcher
Editor: Peter Tomasi
Cover Art: Brandon Peterson
Publisher: DC Comics

Kyle Rayner’s swansong continues, and as much as I’ve enjoyed this title for the most part, I have to admit to feeling slightly let down by the clichéd nature of this issue. In part three of “Homecoming?” Kyle found out that his old enemy, Major Force, is the one who sicced the Green Lantern-killer called Fatality on him. This issue, Kyle goes after him, only to find he has an unexpected protector – John Stewart.

The circumstances around John’s allegiance are a bit strained and seem like little more than an excuse to bring up the stereotypical hero versus hero battle. As far as the battle itself goes, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s actually done quite well and basically in-character. It just feels forced. On the other hand, Marz gets points for finally making the John Stewart/“Daily Show” joke that you know writers have been aching to do in the Green Lantern titles for several years now.

I’m still very impressed by Ross and Ramos on art, though. If you’re gonna do a comic book about Green Lanterns fighting each other, than the quality of the ring-constructs is of the utmost importance. This art team does a great battle scene, with both GLs slinging around pretty imaginative weapons and proxies to fight out their battles for them.

These two are great, classic-style superhero artists. Not weighed down with anime-style detail, not so simple as to look like a cartoon, but solid storytellers with a good line and a great style. Ross is one of those highly underrated artists that doesn’t generate the buzz he deserves.

This isn’t a bad issue by any stretch of the imagination. It’s solid, it works. But it feels like a filler issue, something that could have been fit into a few pages of another issue, but got dragged out to help the storyline reach the requisite six issues that every storyline seems to need these days. Two issues left – I think things will pick up again next issue.

Rating: 7/10

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