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Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears #2

March 6, 2007

Quick Rating: Great
Title: Trail of Tears Part 2
Rating: Parental Advisory

Travis Parham returns to Caleb’s land, only to find his friend’s fate will send him straight to Hell.

Writer: Garth Ennis
Art: Clayton Crain
Letters: Joe Caramagna
Editors: Warren Simons & Axel Alonso
Cover Art: Clayton Crain
Publisher: Marvel Comics

It’s interesting to note how much I’m loving this miniseries. I’m not really a huge fan of Ghost Rider. But Ghost Rider doesn’t really appear in this book thus far. I am, however, a fan of both westerns and Garth Ennis, and this is a fantastic synthesis of the two.

Travis Parham, the former Confederate lieutenant nursed back to health by the former slave named Caleb, returns from his journey west to find a pair of bug-eyed squatters on Caleb’s land. When Travis seeks out the truth about what happened to is friend, he finds himself on a new journey – one of vengeance.

My favorite Ennis work is usually well-infused with a good dose of black comedy – Preacher and his Marvel Knights run on Punisher, for instance – but this works really well. Instead of comedy, he’s going for pure horror, and not just the supernatural kind. The characters Travis encounters in this issue are true monsters in human form, and while they do fit a bit too neatly into their stereotypes, the story comes together brilliantly.

Aiding in a great story is some really eye-popping art by Clayton Crain. He’s really refined his art style since the Road to Damnation these two collaborated on, getting sharper and more realistic with his forms. He seems to be working with a deliberately subdued color palette with this story, but that works too.

I’ve got no idea if this is going to finally tie in to any of the other Ghost Rider incarnations, or even how long it’ll be before we see some flames, and I honestly don’t care. This is really a magnificent horror/western story in its own right, and I’ll definitely be recommending it as such.

Rating: 9/10

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