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Exiles #55

December 4, 2004

Quick Rating: Very Good
Title: Bump in the Night Part I

The Exiles find themselves on a world trapped in the past – at the mercy of Kulan Gath!

Writer: Tony Bedard
Pencils: Jim Calafiore
Inks: Mark McKenna
Colors: JC
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Mike Marts
Cover Art: Jim Calafiore
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Exiles have found themselves on a world mysteriously trapped back in medieval times – and they themselves have been transformed to match the world, their memories altered along with their appearance. Unsure of their purpose of their mission, they find an ally who can tell them what has stricken this world.

When Tony Bedard took over this title, he floundered for a while, but with last issue and this one I’m starting to feel like he’s finally begun to hit his stride. Last issue’s “butterfly effect” issue was quite clever, and this one too really starts to exercise the full potential of a title like this, with characters careening from one alternate reality to the next. Here we’re in a very bizarre, unusual setting with a really big mission that the Exiles themselves will really be able to interact in.

This book could be daunting, what with its relative dependence on Marvel continuity for stories, but that’s one of the major points in its favor as far as I’m concerned. When I was first reading comics if I hit a character or concept I was unfamiliar with, I didn’t whine or give up – I tried to pick up what I needed to know by context and asked around for the rest. I enjoyed everything a bit more as a result, and I miss books that show all of the vast pieces of the Marvel Universe and how they all interconnect. This book, She-Hulk and now New Thunderbolts are all going back to that sort of storytelling, and I consider that a very good thing.

Jim Calafiore comes back to the art chores this issue, and he does a good job on our Medieval Manhattan. With a few exceptions, this isn’t a superhero book as much as it is high fantasy, and the designs reflect that. For once, even our protagonists get a redesign too, and it works, particularly for Namora and the underused Beak.

I was unsure about this title for a while, but it’s definitely on an upswing.

Rating: 8/10

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