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Archie #596

June 5, 2009

Archie #596 (Archie Comics)
By George Gladir & Stan Goldberg

With the news of his impending nuptials making national headlines, people are paying closer attention to Archie than they have in a long time. At a glance, one may expect “The Big Flip” to be a sort of prologue to that upcoming storyline: Archie, tired of his eternal indecision between Betty and Veronica, decides to finally flip and coin and make his choice once and for all. Rather than a prologue, though, we get a pretty typical Archie story with a typical ending. That is to say: it’s cute, it’s funny, but things at the end of this book are pretty much the same as they’ve been for the past 60 or so years. Some of the later stories in the book are actually much better — “Gory Story” focuses on Archie and Chuck trying to make a student film about vampires, with really clever, entertaining results. “Teller I Love Her” is another case of Archie’s trademark clumsiness actually saving the day. “Changing Times” is a tale about Archie and Jughead watching as the Riverdale High class of 1984 enjoys its 25-year reunion. As they go through all the changes the school has endured over that time, I’m both amused and perturbed at how much schools really have changed in that time. I was only in elementary school in ’84, but still. Some of the things Riverdale allegedly has are a bit high-tech even for a school in 2009, but the story as a whole works really well. Okay issue overall.
Rating: 7/10

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