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TransFormers: Generation One (2003 Series) #6

October 19, 2003
Quick Rating: Okay
Title: Revelation (War and Peace Chapter Six)

Shockwave’s scheme is revealed.

Writer: Brad Mick
Pencils: Pat Lee
Inks: Rob Armstrong
Letters: Ben Lee
Publisher: Dreamwave

The difficult thing about reading Dreamwave’s TransFormers: Generation One, at least as someone who was a fan of the original incarnation of the property, is that it’s such a piecemeal of all the various versions that have gone before. The title is not in continuity with either the old Marvel series or the cartoon, but instead borrows elements from both. This is all well and good, and even exciting when you see plot points that mirror moments in the movie, but makes it a little difficult to keep track of where all the pieces are on the board.

The good thing about this issue is that a mystery that has been chasing this series for twelve issues now is resolved. The bad thing is that the solution is not terribly surprising. This is perhaps the most exposition-heavy issue of TransFormers ever written, and althoughMick tries to juxtapose the talking heads sequences with some really superb action sequences, there are a lot of points where this issue drags.

Some of the things that are thrown in are confusing as well. To my knowledge, this series is the first time any reference has been made of Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus being brothers… considering the characterization of the two, I suppose it makes sense… but how exactly does that even work with robots? If this was an element that needed to be introduced to the story, it could have been explored more.

Not to sound like this is a terrible issue. This book ties up several of the loose threads in the series and sets things up very nicely for the ongoing series that will begin early next year. Mick did great action work, and I absolutely love the new look for an old character introduced in this issue. Pat Lee also continues to prove he can draw big ol’ robots better than just about anyone in the business. Dreamwave’s color team does a nice job as well, polishing these panels to the point where you could almost believe they were lifted straight from an animation cell.

If Mick had paced his exposition a bit more, perhaps spilling a little last issue instead of saving it all up for the finale, the whole thing probably would have worked a lot better. I was fairly satisfied with the previous five issues of this title, so I’m keeping my hopes up that the ongoing series will be more evocative of those issues than this last one.

Rating: 6/10

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