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Teen Titans Go! #14

December 19, 2004

Quick Rating: Fair
Title: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…

It’s the Teen Titans and Speedy versus Plasmus!

Writer: J. Torres
Pencils: Todd Nauck
Inks: Lary Stucker
Colors: Heroic Age
Letters: Phil Balsman
Editor: Tom Palmer, Jr.
Cover Art: Dave Bullock
Publisher: DC Comics/Johnny DC

This issue special guest-star Speedy hooks up with the Teen Titans to take down the monstrous Plasmus.

That’s pretty much it. The entire issue is a fight scene. We don’t even see what leads to the fight – the first panel shows Speedy about to fire his arrow at the beast – and the issue ends two panels after the fight does. It’s nothing but a throwdown issue. It’s fun, to be sure, but there’s no real meat to this story. Fight scenes are fun, but for one to last for an entire issue, you really want there to be more to it, even if the comic is written specifically for the younger demographic.

The artwork is fine. Nauck and Stucker do a great job emulating the style of the TV show, and there are some great scenes as our heroes have to find an army of mini-Plasmuses (Plasmusi? Whatever.) that are swarming upon them. I particularly like the effect they and the color team manage to create with Raven’s powers.

I’ve warmed up to this title, mostly because I happen to know a certain six-year-old who’s in love with it, and when you look at it through her eyes you see its charm and its virtue. But I think there have been much better issues than this one.

Rating: 6/10

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