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Fantastic Four and Power Pack #4

October 5, 2007

Fantastic Four and Power Pack #4 (Marvel Comics)
By Fred Van Lente, Gurihiru, Chris Giarrusso

The latest Power Pack miniserues wraps up in delightful fashion. Dr. Doom has succeeded in switching his brain into the body of Franklin Richards, trappign the son of his greatest enemy in his own suit of armor. Now, in the body of Frank, Doom plots the downfall of Reed, and only the Power Pack can stand in his way. This story is both a lot of fun and a wonderful nod to the original Power Pack series, which Franklin eventually became an integral part of. The story works in an old-school sort of way, and while there’s one “logic gap” that doesn’t really work for me, there’s more than enough humor to keep things going. This is perhaps one of the funniest issues in this series yet, and that’s before we even get to Chris Giarrusso‘s excellent Mini-Marvels back-up story. Even if this comic is totally out of continuity, I don’t care. It’s some of the most fun you can get in a Marvel comic these days, and wonderful both for kids and for old-school fans of the Pack.
Rating: 8/10

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