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Wildguard: Fool’s Gold #2

July 23, 2005

Quick Rating: Very Good
Title: Fool’s Gold Part Two

WildGuard and Laserwolf – against the forces of magic!

Writer: Todd Nauck
Art: Todd Nauck & Sanford Greene
Colors: Todd Nauck & Francisco Perez
Letters: Todd Nauck & M-Crusade
Cover Art: Todd Nauck
Publisher: Image Comics

Last issue, WildGuard teamed up with Laserwolf to track down a group of teenagers whose capricious use of a magical book was swiping valuables from people all over the city. As they faced them, the teens summoned up a swarm of monsters, but that wasn’t enough. This issue, they summon up something… bigger.

Nauck had to conjure up (no pun intended) a huge number of characters for the first miniseries in this line, and he doesn’t stop now, dropping in a lot of other characters, both his own and guests from the pages of Noble Causes and Invincible. (Incidentally, I must say I’m really happy to see the creators at Image making more of an effort to create a real “universe” from their titles these days – a far cry from the Image of the past.) He even shows that Four, the leader of the team, is willing to call in help if she thinks they need it.

This issue actually is a bit more somber than this lighthearted title usually is. In addition to a particularly nasty moment in battle, we see more of Shonda McKay this time around. While she’s always come across as kind of a shallow character, tagging along with Snapback to leech off his fame, this issue you start to get the impression that she has some issues that go even beyond that.

I must say, I’m glad that Nauck has decided to start the “Where Are They Now” back-up features with the “rejects” from the first series. After a surprisingly dark look at American Icon last issue, this issue we get a more lighthearted look at Travel Agent (with art by Sanford Greene. For being one of the more innocuous characters in the original series, he’s got some of the most potential, and it’s nice to see him getting used.

Nauck does a usual fantastic job on the artwork. He’s one of the best superhero artists in the business these days, and this is the book where he gets to let himself go the most. I always give credit to guys like George Perez for having the knack for drawing hundreds of characters in a book. Nauck not only does that, but he has to design almost every one himself, give them all a unique and distinctive look, and you can tell he has a heck of a lot of fun doing it.

I’m kind of sorry that this two-issue miniseries came out biweekly – who knows when the next mini will come out? I love these characters, I love this book, and I’m always anxious to see when it will come out next.

Rating: 8/10

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