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The Mighty #2

March 7, 2009

The Mighty #2 (DC Comics)
By Peter J. Tomasi, Keith Champagne, Peter Snejbjerg & Dave Johnson

After a so-so first issue, The Mighty starts to pick up in month two. As Gabriel Cole steps up to take over Section Omega, he begins working with Alpha One to solve the murder of his predecessor. He finds himself with even more of a target on his chest than he’d anticipated, however, and even as he fights just to stay alive, it becomes apparent that Alpha One isn’t exactly the hero he thought he was back when he saved his life as a child. We’re starting to dig a little deeper into the character and the backstory of this series, and as a result, we’ve got a better-developed world than we did last month. Snejbjerg‘s art is really strong — his Alpha One is a man who can look bold and heroic, then with just a slight change of angle, become somewhat sinister and disturbing. The first issue left me a bit skeptical, but I’m feeling better now that The Mighty is a series that will go places.
Rating: 8/10

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