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Albion #6

September 25, 2006

Quick Rating: Fair
Title: Waiting For the Great Leap Forward

A brave new world awaits…

Writers: Alan Moore, Leah Moore & John Reppion
Pencils: Shane Oakley
Inks: George Freeman
Colors: Wildstorm FX
Letters: Todd Klein
Editor: Scott Dunbier
Cover Art: Dave Gibbons
Publisher: DC Comics/Wildstorm

This isn’t finished yet? I have no idea exactly how late this book is, friends, but I distinctly remember writing a review of at least one issue on a lunch break when I worked for the newspaper, and that was nearly a year ago. This is not a timely publication. What’s more, this is a case where extreme lateness proves nigh fatal. I don’t even remember which issues of this series I’ve read, let alone what happened in them, and since we still aren’t getting a “previously” page in most DC Comics, I’m pretty much left in the dark.

I can tell you this much: this is, in many ways, one of those “last stand,” “nothing will ever be the same” issues, and if I recognized the characters or the situation, it may even be somewhat exciting. Archie in particular is an interesting character, but I don’t really have any sort of emotional attachment to him or anyone else, and without emotion, a finale simply doesn’t work.

The artwork in this book is quite nice. Shane Oakley and George Freeman have a nice style that blends more standard superheroic elements with darker, noir scenes, offset by some really strong colors by Wildstorm FX. The artists do a great job with the battle scenes, and the last few pages jump at you, doing a great job of telling the story.

If you’ve been reading this book and have the previous issues on hand to refresh your memory, you’ll enjoy this more. Unfortunately, I just don’t.

Rating: 6/10

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