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Iron Man: Director of SHIELD #21

August 20, 2007

Quick Rating: Fair
Title: Haunted
Rating: A

When Graviton attacks Nebraska, their local Initiative squad may not be up to the task.

Writers: Daniel & Charles Knauf
Art: Roberto De la Torre
Colors: Dean White
Letters: Joe Caramagna
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Cover Art: Gerald Parel
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Don’t let the World War Hulk banner on this cover scan fool you – the story has nothing to do with the crossover and, in fact, the actual printed copy of the issue doesn’t have that banner on it. Must have been some sort of mix-up with the images Marvel released online. To be honest, the crossover kind of hurts this book. When last we saw Tony Stark, he was chained up in the Hulk’s dungeon. Now, with two months left to go in that story, this book jumps ahead to the end and he’s up and about running SHIELD with nary a word about how he got that way. There’s a bit of disconnect here.

Once you get past that, the story is okay. A few of the local Initiative-types for Nebraska get called in for what they assume is a false alarm, only to meet the old Avengers foe Graviton instead. Unfortunately, the caliber of heroes sent to the Cornhusker State apparently aren’t quite up to the task of a threat of this level, and the director of SHIELD gets sent in.

There are a few problems with this issue – although the Knaufs go to some lengths to explain why the Nebraskan heroes are so ineffective, it still sort of defeats the purpose of the whole Initiative project. On the other hand, I do like seeing which characters have been assigned to the states that haven’t been as deeply explored as New York, California and Colorado. Nebraska’s heroes, for example, included two newbies and a character so obscure that it took me a few panels to be sure I was looking at who I thought and not some new guy with the same name.

De La Torre’s artwork is pretty good. It’s got more of a street-level look to it, though, than Iron Man really demands – the tech doesn’t really look polished or clean enough for the character. It’s not bad art, just a bad fit.

Okay issue, but it feels out of place.

Rating: 6/10

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