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Hero By Night (2007 Series) #3

May 17, 2007

Quick Rating: Very Good

With Roz in the clutches of the Iron Talon, Jack has to make his stand.

Writer: DJ Coffman
Art: DC Coffman
Colors: Jason Embury
Letters: DJ Coffman
Editor: Paul Cibis & Adam Rosenblum
Cover Art: DJ Coffman & Mark Sparacio
Publisher: Platinum Studios/Top Cow

The Iron Talon has Roz, and Jack has to find some way to save her. He delves into the late Hero By Night’s journals, hoping for a clue to help him save her, but the real answer may lie within himself.

Coffman has done two important things this issue – he’s presented us with the origins of the Iron Talon and Hero By Night, and he’s given us a near-flawless development to show how an average Joe like Jack can find it in himself to at least try to be a hero… and the determination Coffman packs into the last page is enough to make you believe he might actually succeed.

The artwork is still impressive – I really enjoy Coffman’s style applied to this sort of timeless superhero story. As good as the interior art is, though, the cover just plain blows me away. Click on the image here for a bigger version so you can see how great a piece of art this is, with a painted quality that gives it a feeling of realism while still being true to the world that Coffman has created.

I’m really sorry that there’s only one issue left in this series. Yes, I know there’s a webcomic I can visit, but I want an ongoing. Are you listening, Platinum? This book is great. Give us more.

Rating: 8/10

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