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Exiles (2001 Series) #54

November 8, 2004

Quick Rating: Good
Title: Rube Goldberg

To save a universe, the Exiles must conquer… a Cheese Danish!

Writer: Tony Bedard
Art: Mizuki Sakakibara
Colors: JC
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Mike Marts
Cover Art: Mizuki Sakakibara
Publisher: Marvel Comics

One of the weak points of Tony Bedard’s tenure on Exiles so far has been that the overall arc of the series hasn’t really progressed very much. Since the team was stabilized at the end of his first three issues, very little has changed for our heroes, and this issue is no exception. On the other hand, he does turn in a very good done-in-one storyline that’s amusing and inventive.

This time out, the mission given by the Tallus is to buy a Cheese Danish. That’s it. Buy a Cheese Danish and save the world. Any baker worth his toast would love to have that on the sign outside the shop. Although the mission seems ridiculously simple, the team speculates that they could be at the pinpoint of the classic “Butterfly Effect” – a seemingly insignificant event that sets off a chain reaction of incredible consequence down the line.

It is a bit patronizing that the team feels the need to explain this theory to one another and, by extension, to the reader, but once they get off their duffs and work on the mission we get to see the dominos fall one at a time, and the end result is pretty satisfying.

Sakakibara, as usual, does a very good job on the artwork, with a very visually diverse cast and some nice sci-fi elements throughout the book. We also get a brief glimpse at some of the alternate Marvel heroes that populate this universe, and that’s always a good time.

Bedard is clearly having a lot of fun on this title, enjoying playing with the conventions of the genre and stretching his legs far enough to reach all of the possibilities. While he’s busy playing with all the toys, though, he’s not getting very far, and that’s what he needs to work on to make this title strong again.

Rating: 7/10

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