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The Hedge Knight #6

May 16, 2004

Quick Rating: Great

The champions selected, the Trial of Seven begins… and Dunk’s life hangs in the balance!

Writers: George R.R. Martin & Ben Avery
Pencils: Mike S. Miller
Inks: Mike Crowell
Colors: Team Kandora
Letters: Bill Tortolini
Editor: Robert Silverberg
Cover Art: Mike S. Miller (Cover A); Ted Nasmith (Cover B)
Publisher: Devil’s Due/DB Pro

After striking a prince to protect an innocent girl, Ser Dunk has been forced to find six men willing to fight with him against the King’s men in a Trial of Seven. Last issue he gathered his warriors, including good Prince Baelor, uncle of Dunk’s accuser. This final issue of the miniseries deals with the ferocious Trial and its aftermath.

Martin and Avery have done their homework. This isn’t a sanitized joust like you get on TV and in the movies. This is swift, brutal, and deadly for good men as well as bad. Dunk, who carries the secret that he was never truly knighted before his master died, is forced to become a knight on the field of battle by resorting to the sort of non-chivalrous fisticuffs that he learned as a boy, before he was taken in by the late Ser Arlen.

This story marks an end for several characters, while for almost everyone else a new chapter is begun. This story, although set in the world of Martin’s popular Song of Fire and Ice series, is set a good hundred years before those novels, and I don’t know how much overlap there actually is between the stories. It seems far enough in the past that anything is really possible.

Miller’s art continues to impress the way it has since the first issue and throughout his run on G.I. Joe Versus the TransFormers. He has a sort of style that is clear but still powerful, structured well and remains distinctive. The battle scenes in this issue take place in the mud, and Miller, Crowell and the coloring team show the gradual change as our heroes begin in bright, shining armor and gradually become covered with dirt, grime and blood. This is simply some of the best artwork in comics today, and I’d go so far as to say Mike Miller is the best working artist who’s not a star, and he’s a far cry better than a lot of artists who are.

The Dabel Brothers (of DB Pro) seem to be making their mark on comics, at least at first, by adapting novels (although I am extremely excited about Miller’s upcoming original project, The Imaginaries). Hopefully they’ll come back to this world before long – there’s already a sequel to The Hedge Knight called The Sworn Sword, not to mention the several books in the Song of Fire and Ice cycle. There’s plenty of room to tell more stories in this setting, and if they’re all as good as The Hedge Knight, I can be counted on to follow them all.

Rating: 9/10

  1. May 7, 2011 at 9:21 am

    I’m pretty sure I read the original short story of this a few years ago, and Martin had written it like 20 years ago or something? And if I remember correctly, once upon a time, it was just a one-of, and only later did Martin start messing around with a whole novel of it. . . and ASOIAF was born!

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