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Stan Lee Meets Silver Surfer #1

December 3, 2006

Quick Rating: Good
Title: Stan Lee Meets Silver Surfer and other stories
Rating: T+

Galactus has a bone to pick with Stan the Man.

Writers: Stan Lee, Paul Jenkins & Jacob Chabot
Pencils: Mike Wieringo, Mark Buckingham, Jacob Shabot, John Buscema
Inks: Sean Parsons, Dan Adkins
Colors: Chris Sotomayor, Pete Pantazis
Letters: Dave Lanphear, Sam Rosen
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Cover Art: Mike Wieringo
Publisher: Marvel Comics

For the most part, I’ve pretty much enjoyed these Stan Lee Meets… specials. The only problem is when they start to get a little self-indulgent, which this one does.

In the main story, written by Stan Lee, Galactus kidnaps the comic book legend to pick a bone with him. Galactus sends Stan on a trip with the Silver Surfer, forcing him to confront what he has afflicted the devourer of worlds with – an overly-verbose herald. It works very well until the very end, where Stan starts to get preachy about – of all things – preaching.

“The Magician,” by Paul Jenkins, is another plainly autobiographical piece. A young boy in England meets the legendary Stan Lee, and Stan starts to critique the child’s comic book, and explain the wonders of the imagination. Like the first story, it works right up until the end, where Jenkins gets self-indulgent about one of his own creations. The artwork by Mark Buckingham is absolutely beautiful, though, and he does a great job of aping the style of the artists that co-created Marvel’s top stars with Stan.

Jacob Chabot supplies us with a very funny two-page story about Stan neglecting to invite the villains to his party, and the book finishes up with a reprint of Silver Surfer (Vol. 1) #14, in which the Surfer battles Spider-Man. Aside from the fact that it’s two Stan creations battling each other and that Stan Lee wrote it, I’m not really sure why this particular issue was chosen. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just an odd choice.

Perhaps its odd to complain about self-indulgent stories in a comic called Stan Lee Meets Silver Surfer, but it’s the truth. It’s only those brief moments that keep this from being a much better comic book.

Rating: 7/10

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