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Somebody’s First Comic Book: Legion of Super-Heroes (1984 Series) Annual #2

Wondering what Somebody’s First Comic Book is all about? The explanation is on this page!

TITLE: Child of Darkness, Child of Light

Writer: Paul Levitz
Curt Swan & Keith Giffen
Larry Mahlstedt & Ernie Colon
John Costanza
Carl Gafford
Karen Berger
Steve Lightle
DC Comics

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: Wasn’t there a TV show about these guys a few years back?

IMPRESSIONS: At the beginning of the book we meet Darkseid, an evil dude carved out of rock, who has kidnapped a baby, turned it into a monster, and sent it back in time to fight its own parents. Dude’s kind of a jerk. Then, the art style changes and we shift into the present (which is actually the 30th century in this book, but whatever), where the baby has turned into a giant monster with a see-through brain. He’s now called Validus, and he’s tear-assing all over the place until one of Darkseid’s acolytes flies in and captures him to turn him against the Legion of Super-Heroes.

From here, Ol-Vir (the bad guy) starts toting Validus around the universe, tearing up different places belonging to the Legion, in particular their headquarters and the apartment of two of their members, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl. They eventually tail Validus to the planet Winath, where LL and SG are chillin’ with their son, baby Graym, just in time to come under attack… and… well, you can probably figure out the revelation.

The story isn’t bad. Some almost-Shakespearean pathos here, with the parents being set up to kill their own child that they never knew existed. It’s a little improbable, though, that mom didn’t realize she was pregnant with twins and that one of them was kidnapped. (Hell, we’re a thousand years in the past and we can tell if somebody is having twins pretty accurately.) I also liked several of these Legionnaires – the guy called Wildfire seems to be a ball of living energy cruising around in tights, what’s up with that? – but there were an awful lot of them. You’d think they’d give us a roll call or something with this many characters.

Still, the basic premise was simple to grasp, and the story was surprisingly easy to understand, what with the time travel and all. It worked.


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