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PVP (2003 Series) #14

February 26, 2005

Quick Rating: Great

The PVP crew heads to the San Diego Comicon!

Writer: Scott Kurtz
Art: Scott Kurtz
Cover Art: Ryan Ottley
Publisher: Image Comics

What’s more dangerous than a bunch of geeks at a video game magazine? A bunch of video game magazine geeks at the San Diego Comicon. This issue Scott Kurtz packs up his usual gang of loons and sends them to one of the world’s biggest comic conventions. The results are… well… frighteningly true to life.

Kurtz usually works in a few stories per issue, and in fact, before the Comicon strips he does have two short sequences — one with Francis getting a job as live action Spam and one with Cole and Brent teaching him how to drive. They’re both among the funniest of the really short sequences this strip has produced.

Even once he gets the convention storyline rolling, though, Kurtz still has plenty of different tales to tell. Skull needs to raise funds to make more copies of his alternative comic, which turns into a hysterical parody of Fantagraphics’s plea to comic stores and readers to buy their books when it looked like the company may face bankruptcy. (This is a sequel of sorts to issue 6’s “Graphamaximo” story, which was itself a parody of the Fantagraphics mindset).

Kurtz also works in his buddy Robert Kirkman and his partner Ryan Ottley, creators of the Invincible comic book (hence the cover). When Cole’s arch-nemesis Max Power shows up, these two stories collide in a classic comedic misunderstanding.

This issue of PVP may be a little more accessible to the hardcore comic fans than the casual reader, but that’s not a problem once in a while. It’s still a hysterical comic that even a non-Invincible reader like myself can enjoy. (Yes I know, it’s the best superhero comic in the universe. Everyone keeps telling me that. I promise, I’m looking for the first trade paperback.)

Rating: 9/10

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