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Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles #1

October 3, 2005

Quick Rating: Fair
Title: The Enemy Within

A new threat appears on the horizon.

Story: Tommy Yune
Script: Jason Waltrip & John Waltrip
Art: Omar Dogan and Udon Studios
Letters: Travis Lanham
Editor: Ben Abernathy
Cover Art: Omar Dogan
Publisher: DC Comics/Wildstorm

Not being a big fan of Robotech, it was kind of hard to get into this miniseries, which (according to the cover blurb) is a set-up for a forthcoming DVD project. The opening sets up the premise for the universe well enough, but not the characters so much, and as such many things went over my head.

A mysterious murder at the city of Tiresia sends our heroes on a search which reveals a new, powerful series of battle cruisers that are stolen right out from under their noses. There’s a quick action sequence that works very well, but the book then dovetails into a few talking heads expository sequences. I don’t mind talking heads or exposition as a rule, but the writers didn’t really provide enough flavor for the uninitiated t get much enjoyment out of the rest of the book.

As I said, the action sequence is the best part of the book. Giant transforming robots are always good entertainment (which makes it strange that I was never really interested in this property as a child), and outer space fight sequences with them are even moreso.

The artwork in this issue is also very good. With any project like this one, an adaptation of an existing animated property, you’re hoping that the artists can replicate the look of the animation as exactly as possible, and Omar Dogan succeeds at this very well. The book looks very much like it could have been drawn from the cartoon, but at the same time, Dogan has ability to get more innovative with layouts and camera angles. Comic book storytelling with animation sensibility. Well done.

It’s hard to imagine a story so big that it requires a five-issue prelude, but if this is something Robotech fans have been anticipating, they’ll probably draw much more enjoyment from this miniseries than I can.

Rating: 6/10

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