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Fallen Angel (2003 Series) #8

February 9, 2004

Quick Rating: Below Average
Title: No Entrance (Down to Earth Part Two)

Lee pries out Mariah’s secrets… the hard way.

Writer: Pete David
Pencils: David Lopez
Inker: Fernando Blanco
Colors: Nathan Eyring
Letters: Rob Leigh
Editor: Lysa Hawkins
Cover Art: Brian Stelfreeze
Publisher: DC Comics

As much as I loved Peter David’s run on Supergirl, I eagerly awaited the premiere of this series last summer. I hate to say it, but I’ve been sorely disappointed. He’s trying to tell a darker story than he’s known for, but instead, much of the book feels like it’s gritty for the sake of being gritty, dark for the sake of shock value. This issue is little more than an extended, brutal interrogation scene where Lee tortures a woman running a slavery ring. It’s almost the last page before any point is made besides “Lee is tough, but Mariah isn’t scared of her.”

Clearly the point of this issue is to make our Fallen Angel seem mysterious and dangerous, but instead she’s just distant. You don’t ever learn enough about the character to care about her. She doesn’t seem to have any direction or motivation, and eight issues in, that’s a terrible problem to ascribe to your title character.

Lopez’s artwork, unfortunately, doesn’t give you much reason to buy this book either. While he handles the dark mood competently enough, none of his characters have distinctive enough faces only Mariah’s skin tone and accumulation of bruises makes her look different from anyone else. What’s worse, the faces often look squashed and, frankly, hideous.

This title simply doesn’t grab me the way Peter David’s work usually does. I give him credit for trying to do something different, for stretching his muscles as a writer, but This book simply doesn’t work for me. I’ll come back when he goes back to doing what he’s best at.

Rating: 4/10

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