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Doctor Who (2008 Series) #6

August 16, 2008

Doctor Who #6 (IDW Publishing)
By Gary Russell & Stefano Martino

With several planets abducted and aligned with the intention of creating torment, the only hope left for the universe are the Doctor, Martha Jones, and a sonic screwdriver. There are a lot of strengths and weaknesses in this particular issue, Gary Russell does a great job on his characters — his Doctor and Martha feel like the Doctor and Martha from the TV show, right down to the snappy banter and a rather strange tangent about the show ER. The situation and the solution also feel like classic Doctor Who situations. However, it’s almost too close to the TV show. The problem here suffers from being a bit too similar to that in the finale of the most recent series of the show, which was so damn good that almost anything Russell could have given us will suffer in comparison. The artwork, however, takes a turn for the better this issue. The lines aren’t as heavy or dark as last month, and the book has a cleaner look that serves it well. Not a bad end to the story arc.
Rating: 7/10

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